Kim Lumpkin (kaylum) wrote,
Kim Lumpkin

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

I am very much enjoying this long weekend. The weather is gorgeous, and things are going well on both the work and home front.
About a month ago, I was waiting to turn when two cars collided in front of me, one of them going on to swipe the front of my car. Yesterday I finally took my car in to be fixed and got a Ford Fusion for a rental which I really like. It’s not much to look at from the outside, but it’s quiet, roomy, and comfortable, and it’s really made me think about getting a bigger car next time.

Apparently Miley Cyrus’s team hired John Kricfalusi to do some animation for her stage show (there’s a clip online where you can see some of it on the giant screen behind her and the dancers). I guess I’m glad John K. is probably being paid big bucks for it.

So the big news, as I mentioned yesterday on FB, I’m going to Austin to see the Kids in the Hall in April! I was really on the fence, but when my mom said she’d like to go, my mind was made up. Looking forward to seeing the weirdness of Austin and meeting long time online friend Eric!

Guess that’s all for now. My main goal for today is to finish or at least make significant progress on my “Another First Kiss” sketch. Hope you all have a good one, wherever you are!

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