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Some modern car/insurance thoughts

I don't think I mentioned it here, but last month while I was waiting to make a left-hand turn, the front of my car was swiped by another car turning the opposite way that had just struck another car (that claim is in contention between the two insurance companies). No one was hurt and my car was still drive-able, as the only damage was exterior (fender, bumper, and hood). While it was in the repair shop, I rented a Ford Fusion, so I got to try out something quite different from my car. I love little sporty cars, so it pains me to admit I did enjoy being in a larger car (not too much larger, but enough). It also has a rear view camera that comes on when the driver is backing out, which is pretty cool. It also has a touch screen for the A/C, radio, and other things, which I am not a fan of. For one thing, in the light you can see all the fingerprints on it (and considering this is a rental, eww), so at the very least I'd have to have a screen cleaning solution and cloth handy pretty much all the time. I also prefer manual controls because you can manipulate them without looking at them, whereas with a touch screen you are forced to look at it, taking your eyes off of the road (which I wouldn't do, but I'm sure a lot of people do). But I guess touch screens are pretty standard in new cars now, so eventually I will have one. I'm glad to have my pretty Stang back; it just rolled over 50K miles, which is barely middle age in modern car terms, so I'll have a way to go before having to get something else. I will have to get the A/C fixed, which is a bummer, but an absolute necessity in Florida with summer coming in about...8 hours or so here :p

I also got a letter from my insurance company advising me that the claims from the accident may exceed my coverage limits, which is ridiculous because the limit is $25,000 for property damage, and my repairs weren't close to being that much. My favorite part of the letter is when they say if I have any money to contribute to the claim to let them know right away. I know it's just a form letter they sent to everyone involved in the accident, but I was just waiting to turn for crying out loud! Don't they make even a cursory check to see if the rather scary sounding letter is applicable before sending it out?

That's all for now; time to shower and get ready for work. Happy Friday, everyone!


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