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Kim and Mom's Austin Adventure!

After a hairy few days when it seemed like my mom might be to sick to go on our planned trip to Austin to see the Kids in the Hall, she felt much, much better the day before, so early Friday morning we were on our way! I didn't take nearly enough pictures, but here are some of the things we did.

Mom and I enjoyed walking around Congress, seeing the statues and posing in front of the theater we would soon be going to:


Sixth street was insane, with more pubs and live music than I've ever seen in one place! We also had fun in a cheesy little place called Museum of the Weird


After meeting long, long time online friend themonkey and having a yummy veggie sandwich and sweet potato fries at Wholly Cow (yes, I like veggie sandwiches at burger places, I'm weird), it was time for:


and what an awesome show it was! It was great to see all 5 Kids in the Hall together on stage again, and they were definitely enjoying it, too. I admit I went a little nuts when I saw the setup for Pit of Penultimate Darkness! The show was a really good mix of new material, classic characters, and classic skits with a twist. I really hope this summer tour they are planning is a huge success for them.

Since my mom and I had another day in Austin, we went down to one of the Alamo Drafthouse theaters - I want some here! They are so cool. My mom and I each enjoyed a drink before the movie (which sadly caused lightweight me to pass out for part of it):


We then had lunch at a nearby Thai place with good food and pretty ceiling decorations:


On the cab ride back, we passed the Texas capitol building (what can I say, I'm a sucker for classic, impressive buildings):


That evening, as my mom rested, I decided to take a walk downtown from the hotel. I passed a lot of cool shops on South Congress, and took this picture from the "Bat Bridge" (sadly, no bats were to be seen):


And now I am home, getting ready for another work week. Thanks, Austin, for a great weekend, and for all the nice people there. Hope to return someday to experience some of the many things I didn't get to!


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