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Yes, it’s been awhile since I last posted. I feel I’ve been antisocial lately online when really I’ve just been super busy. Sometimes that leads to crashing and taking too many naps, too. While I do hate to see summer come to an end, I’m looking forward to fall and winter (as much winter as Florida gets, anyway). And, yes, I even enjoy getting back to work (I am an odd duck).
One not so pleasant thing that happened was one of my hearing aids died. Luckily I can have it repaired. It will cost $300, but that’s a lot better than the $1,300 it would cost to replace it. I’m managing ok with one, but it’ll be a lot easier when I have two again.
After dropping the hearing aid off at the office located in the University of Miami hospital (those of you familiar with it know how much fun it is to drive and park there – yes that’s sarcasm), I got gas and decided to get a machine car wash at the gas station. I later discovered that I’d left the gas cap off, oops. I looked it up to assure myself I’m not the only one to do that, and I didn’t have any problems driving after, so it should be ok.
This will truly be the fall of the comedian books. Bruce McCulloch, Martin Short, Amy Poehler, and Andrea Martin are all coming out with books, and I plan to get every one of them. I got notice today that Andrea’s book has shipped and I should be getting it next week – very excited! I loved her so much on SCTV, so it will be a real treat to read an actual book by her.

Breakfast of pesto and Red Bull is now consumed - time to get ready to run! Have a great day, everyone.


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