Kim Lumpkin (kaylum) wrote,
Kim Lumpkin

Weekend Update

It’s a gorgeous, sunny, breezy morning here in Miami (see photo from our little terrace "garden"), and I am grateful for it. Just three days now until Mom’s surgery, but she’s doing ok today.
I finished the book that was written all about TMBG’s Flood album. The two main points that the book focuses on are how Flood fit perfectly into the zeitgeist of the time and that the idea of “flooding” fits both in that context and in TMBG’s songwriting in general. It’s a pretty solid analysis, without pretending to be the definitive word on either TMBG’s music or the album, and it has some cute contributions from Flans, like the image of him using “jazz hands” and the revelation that he’s apparently still bitter about being depicted as a pig in the Tiny Tunes video (awww).
So, onward - stuff to look forward to today:
• Possibly going out for lunch
• Good game between the ‘Fins and Steelers
• Working on my “Mr. Xcitement” sketch

Bring it on!

Love, “Kay”

red pimentos
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