Kim Lumpkin (kaylum) wrote,
Kim Lumpkin

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Rainy Update

Yeah, it's been raining off and on for the past couple of days, which is kind of annoying and also unusual for Miami for this time of year. I need some dry, cool weather for my runs!

Anyhow, things could not be going much better with my mom's recovery. She had her first swallow test and was able to have the trache and the nose feeding tube taken out, so she can eat very soft foods. In about a week or so she'll be tested again to see when she can have solid foods. She can also talk much better, even though she has to be careful not to strain herself. The doctors are very impressed with how well she's doing, and my dad and I are really, really pleased. A big THANK YOU to all who sent positive thoughts, I'm sure they helped. I'm so happy!!

Now off to read before bed...have a good weekend everyone!


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