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Small Gains

I was a little disappointed in my run this morning as I didn't meet my goal pace, but when I compared my stats with last week's long run, it turns out I ran a little farther in a little less time at a slightly faster mph rate. Just a slight improvement, but I'll take it!

Mom, dad, and I are still working our way through the final episodes of Breaking Bad, and we most recently watched the episode "Confessions."

SPOILER ALERT: Don't scroll down if you haven't seen the episode!

Walt's "confession" was pure evil genius! And, as evil as it was for him (and Skyler) to do that to Hank and Marie, I can see how he might think it was in everyone's best interest (although I doubt he really cared about that). When he got to the part about them holding his kids hostage, my jaw dropped! I will say the ending of the episode was problematic for me, at least at first. When Jesse realized that Huell had taken his pot and then connected it with Huell stealing the ricin cigarette back when Brock was poisoned, I thought that was a stretch, especially considering that Brock had actually been poisoned by Lily of the Valley (which he didn't know Walt had grown in his yard). After reading some reviews and comments about it (turns out it's a pretty controversial twist), I remembered how Walt had to convince Jesse that Huell didn't steal the ricin from him, that Gus did. So even if it wasn't actually ricin that was used to poison the kid, I can see how knowing that Huell did take it and that it was yet another of Walt's lies to Jesse would set him off.

Ok, getting back to drawing - I'm trying hard to keep Sundays as sketching days. On tap for today: "Another First Kiss" sketch!

Have a good one!


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