Kim Lumpkin (kaylum) wrote,
Kim Lumpkin

Sad Start to the Year

I hate for only my second post of the year to be a sad one, but I feel a need to honor the memory of one of our beloved cats. It's taken me awhile to post this because of business but also because it hurts. My dad's cat of 16 years, Tux, somehow fell off of our 8th story balcony the other day. I was at work when my mom left me a message to call home as soon as I could. She told me they couldn't find Tux anywhere in the apartment, and my dad just happened to look over the balcony and saw him on the pavement below. We can't figure out why he did that. He'd never jumped up on the railing; one of his favorite things to do all day sit in a chair in the sun until my dad came home. He would then spend most of the evening in my dad's lap until my dad fell asleep on the couch watching TV. This was pretty much what I saw every night

Tux and Roy

Tux became very fond of me, too. All I had to do was sit on the couch and cross my legs, and he'd crawl right into my lap. Occasionally, I'd nap on the couch and he would join me:

kim and tux

Tux may have been 16, but he still had some of the energy of a kitten, often tearing around the living room in the morning, amusing us all. My dad, of course, is gutted. My mom and I will miss him, too, of course, but my heart breaks for my dad now. He was used to seeing Tux every day when he came home for 16 years, and they had a bond that even among cat lovers is rare.

RIP, Tux, you were literally one of the coolest cats I ever knew.

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