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Quarterly Report

Hey, hey, it's been awhile. I thought I'd have something to write every week, but life has gotten in the way. Seriously, this has been quite the busy year so far, and this past week, which was my school's Easter break, was quite busy thanks to my other jobs, writing, grading, and, admittedly, a lot of napping, too. And while I don't like the uncertainty of my work situation, I still love what I do and feel very lucky to have my jobs.

The big news for me is that after a lot of waffling, I finally reserved a flight and hotel for a trip to NYC this summer to see one of TMBG's Brooklyn shows! I knew it would either be the June or July show since those fall during my summer vacation, but I wanted to see what the themes of the shows will be (like most of the other fans, I'm really hoping for a John Henry show!). But since they're taking their sweet time announcing the themes, I decided not to wait any longer and went for the July show date. Sadly, my mom won't be going with me this time, but I'm going to try to get her to the beach as much as possible to make up for it. Speaking of the beach, I plan to visit Coney Island while in Brooklyn! I also have a ticket for access to the crown of the Statue of Liberty for the morning of the show, so I hope I'll have time for a nap afterwards and be able to bounce around at the show that night. I'm really excited about the visit to the Statue as it's something I've wanted to do since I was little. So, it's shaping up to be a pretty epic trip! Between that and VIP tickets to see Weird Al closer to home in August, I'm pretty anxious for the summer to begin.

It's had it's stressful moments, but so far, my year #50 has been pretty good :)


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